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In education
Other employment

Supported work placements: 9


International student: 1

Health issues: 17

Changed job for BitC: 3

Home Office restrictions: 1

BitC as a second job: 1

Since we started recording data in August 2017, here is the overview of the team.
We have had 171 (and still counting) people volunteering and they have had various pathways before / alongside their BITC journey.

Of those 76 whom were unemployed (long term and short term) – 68 found employment.

Collectively – the value of either becoming employed or volunteering according to HACT social value calculator, the 171 people have ‘earnt’ £907,995.00.

Based on National Living Wage 2019 and time, our volunteers have donated in saved wages from August 2019 – July 2020 a value based on a wage of £87,873.62 and this equates to 10077.25 hours and mins.

128 of the team have what would be termed as a barrier.

Our social impact reports For a more detailed look at the effect we’re having, read our Social Impact Reports.

Food Delivery Programme

During lockdown, 3 food projects emerged at BitC, one run by BitC, plus 2 start-up food projects using surplus food saving it going to landfill.

BitC made and delivered 3959 homecooked meals across Southampton and Hampshire, and operated as a collection and delivery point for a food bank, which served people throughout the county, including NHS staff.

Off the back of the work around food poverty, came the establishment of 2 new food projects:
Easy Tz Meals and Southampton Social Aid Group.
Easy Tz Meals is the brain child of our daughter, Tia.

Here is her thoughts on her new chapter: ‘By August it was time to officially turn our project over to me and begin Easy Tz Meals, and by October I had quit my job to run full speed ahead into this exciting, yet terrifying venture.
One of the main things I wanted to keep as a central part of this was to use surplus food (food destined for landfill) to ensure we save food waste, feeding bellies not bins.

This is why we use Fareshare, along with working alongside other businesses who collect surplus food, to bring me the ingredients to make our homecooked meals.
We also like to reach a variety of people, so we cater to three categories of meals as standard, these are more ‘normal’ diets, vegan diets, and low carb/keto diets, whilst also catering to other allergies and dietaries when they pop up!
Alongside making our meals, we have also donated food provisions to Wessex Heartbeat, local schools, feeding kids through the winter half terms, YMCA centers, frontline workers and families.

I am also currently (Jan 2021) working with a Winter Shelter programme making dinners every day for a homeless shelter for the next 6-8 weeks, and this is all using surplus food!’

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